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Chapter two is coming!

Chapter two of The sea is stormy tonight will post in just a couple of weeks. If you haven’t read chapter one yet, now is a perfect time to do so!


Other Comics and Art

The sea is stormy tonight

A comic about sea creatures, magic, and loss.

Mantle, Daughter of Van Helsing

A strange, 1940’s style comic about an uncompromising hunter of evil.


I also make paintings, here are some of them.

-Robert Brudos

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The sea is stormy tonight, page one


Page two


Page three


New Comic Coming Soon!

I’m working to build a backlog, then I’m going to post it as a daily webcomic since everyone everywhere keeps telling me that daily updates are how you build a following. The comic is called “the sea is stormy at night”. Here is a video of me working on it:


Mantle: Daughter of Van Helsing

For those of you who would like to have this comic ruined by an explanation, click here.

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