Explain yourself! Mantle: Daughter of Van Helsing

09 Apr

The idea was to capture that weird feel of fly-by-night Golden Age comics, where not much was explained, the whole thing is kind of creepy and intense even though the art is amateurish, and the character is never seen again after one issue. Like one of the 10,000 Batman ripoffs in the 1940s who killed vampires. Loosely in the style of Fletcher Hanks (

 In addition, this comic was my first attempt at doing the little “tricks” I used in The Lost Works of Georges Melies and The sea is stormy tonight. I used recurring text (the origin story at the top of each page) and simple, memorable images (the faceless heroine) to build familiarity with the reader quickly and make them feel “at home” in this creepy world. The sudden use of color would also be used again in The sea is stormy tonight.
I really had a lot of fun writing the overblown prose and cheesy dialogue, but I genuinely did want to create a mood. It’s not a parody, it’s an homage. And if you think all this explanation is too pretentious for five sloppy, penciled pages, then you’ve obviously never been caught in the throes of an idea that you just had to exorcise right then and there.
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Posted by on April 9, 2012 in The Creative Process


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