Okay, so…

03 Apr

Here’s what’s going on with my cartooning.

a) My idea of posting a single page of “The sea is stormy tonight” every weekday has not worked out as well as I planned. The comic is very slow-moving in some spots (especially at the beginning), and while I was hoping that people would follow it to see where it was going, that seems to have been a flawed model. It’s also probably a tricky time to start a whole new website ( now that I FINALLY have readers on this one. The new website is so much snazzier though! [pushy]YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT![/endpushy] I like having the blog here, this is a pretty good place to talk about stuff and I think some people find it interesting. It’s not the best place to post comic book pages though, hence the two sites.

b) I thought “stormy” would be a one-off, twenty page story with a twist ending. Today, my overactive brain informed me that it will be a long-running series where the characters develop over time. These characters have things they want to do that they can’t do in twenty pages. So the series will continue, and I’m looking forward to doing some more character-driven work (I’m really good at creating moods visually, but as my wonderful girlfriend tells me constantly, my characters tend to just be servants to my plots and ideas). So The Lost Works of Georges Melies is like my weird graphic novella, and The sea is stormy tonight is gonna be my longer-term online comic. The new website will also have some short comics that I did a couple of years ago posted pretty soon.

I have some really good commenters on this blog and I’m really grateful for that. It’s nice to have a discussion place while I work on these stories. Thanks for reading!

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