What was I thinking?

22 Jan

One of the things about any successful piece of art is that the audience can remake it to make it “theirs”. If you like something, the most important interpretation of it is yours, not the artist’s. I see things in Melies’ films that he probably never intended to put there, and if somebody managed to convince me that the things I saw were “wrong”, I would probably like the films less. I’m trying to resist the temptation to tell people how they should read my stories: if you have an interpretation of something I drew, then that interpretation is correct, and I encourage you to take from it whatever story is most important to you. As soon as I’ve put something “out there”, it becomes YOURS, as well as mine.

However, I cannot resist the impulse to talk about my own stuff. Many readers enjoy picking an author’s brain, and many authors feel the need to bloviate. These pages will be about what I think I drew. You don’t have to agree with me: in fact, I encourage you not to.

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Posted by on January 22, 2012 in The Creative Process


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